NRBA Member Core Values


NRBA Difference

What makes the NRBA a different organization as opposed to the other groups? In a nutshell it is our commitment as a group to a few core values.

Our Core Values


As a national organization; our membership has been a top contributor to MakeAWish over the past 8 years. We are listed on the national MakeAWish website under “Cause Champions”. Please visit their site for more information: .

Our leadership believes we should be of the state of mind to unlock the potential of people. It is a mindset. We are the only organization where our members; who are the most experienced in default industry, help fellow members on a daily basis in their business.

Performance Driven
The road to a performance driven culture begins with a proactive defined customer-driven strategy. Our number one goal is to plan a steadfast commitment to service our clients.

Embrace and drive change
Our goal is to continue to be the first to adapt to new changes in the market. Plan and communicate those changes within our membership. We pass on the information to our clients to assist them in increasing the meeting of their performance objectives. We do not fight a market, we make change work for all of us.

Commitment to greatness
This one really means a lot to us! Our attitude is crystal clear. We are superstars. No mediocrity allowed. We are reaching for the stars and shooting for the moon in our goals. We are reaching out. We are exploring all options and all possibilities at all times, because we KNOW we were all born with unlimited potential and we need to look for ways to everyday to expand on that potential.

Commitment to community

Localism is what it is all about. It makes our great big world a little more personal. We encourage being a good neighbor. We encourage our members to work with non profits in their multicultural communities reaching out to educate and build authentic relationships from within thus promoting home ownership benefits and advantages to all who live there.

Passionate for the work we do
Love what you do! We do! To work in this industry you have to love it. We look for people who have the drive to learn and improve regardless of what experience they may have. We are the people who get excited about the job we do. We live it, we breathe it, we have fun with it.

We are team players
The impact of each encounter in our lives and our work will likely always affect others and leave their mark. We are making memories. There is not a single member who does not have a story. We are a team, our lives are pieced together, we are bound together by loud laughter and sometimes tears but we will always remain together, linked within one of those stories. If you don’t believe it, just ask one of us if we have a story—you will most likely get a good one!