David Guzzetta


David’s vision is to unite brokers and help rebuild neighborhoods.  By working closely with community programs and first time buyers, we can turn the boarded up houses into the nicest houses and help restore pride in ownership. Another vision is to team up against vandalism of vacant properties. By lobbying the scrap metal yards to require valid identification and source of material from anyone trying to sell copper, we can limit the vandals’ ability to sell it and help keep the properties intact. This would allow sellers to reach a larger range of buyers, sell quicker and preserve property values.  
Married, with two kids and a dog named Fritz; David is a lifelong resident of Long Island and is extremely active in his community.  He has served as the Village Assessor, Director of the Business Improvement District and he is very active with Meals on Wheels, Economic Development, Chamber of Commerce, Realtors Against Hunger and Habitat for Humanity. He loves everything adventurous, especially big game fishing.
David grew up in an historic house that was built 350 years ago, where he shared the attic with two brothers.  At the age of nine, David’s family spent a year in Norway where he learned to ski and speak Norwegian fluently.  At thirteen, David started a business delivering newspapers with his rowboat to people staying on their boats on Mount Sinai Harbor. In college he was a Resident Assistant and was recognized by the school president for his effort in community building and life saving actions when a fire broke out in the dorm where he lived. As Pledge Master of his fraternity he was voted “most brotherly brother” and his nickname was “Mr. Goodbar”. 
David got started in real estate as an interpreter for the hearing impaired and quickly found his niche in REO in 1993.  After two years in the industry, he started American Way Real Estate. Some of his clients include Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Chase. David has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and numerous times in Newsday. He is a frequent speaker at St. John’s University and Stony Brook University. David enjoys what he does and it shows in his work.