Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring together the nations best-qualified professionals in the real estate industry together with financial institutions, servicers, outsourcers, hedge funds, lenders, investors, developers  as well as the individual and assist them with all aspects of default management. Together we strive as a whole to create, develop, and maintain meaningful relationships with our clients and within our membership that will last a lifetime.


Who we are as a company

The NRBA is a national multifaceted organization comprised of a cohesive group of experienced connected brokers, appraisers and attorneys who specialize in all phases of default management and servicing of distressed real estate. We work directly with banks, financial institutions, servicers, outsourcers, lenders, investors, developers as well as individuals.

We envision a participation and collaboration within our organization, where industries come together to transform our culture and reignite the fundamental entrepreneurial spirit of small business.

We strive to enhance the well being of communities through education and by working collaboratively with national, state and local organizations who assist individuals with sustainable home ownership programs.

Who we are as members

Our members believe success breeds success and that to be a success you learn from successful people. We believe  in education, mentorship and accountability in and of our membership. We take responsibility to live the values that  make our organization unique.

Who we are as a culture

We are all leaders. We encourage each other to interact, cooperate and participate in giving back in their local,  regional and national associations as well as community and civic organizations. We are committed to multicultural outreach and awareness. We encourage diverse views, perspectives and ideas from our membership where we can work together and build upon ideas presented for a better organization that encompasses all our clients!

We promote social inclusion and well-being by reaching out to those in our society that are most in need.

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