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NRBA ON-LINE Directory – We are the largest nationwide database of real estate professionals specializing in all aspects of the  default industry. Our clients; banks, servicers and asset management companies go to find brokers! Our powerful, yet simple, search engine allows you to be found instantly when a property is available to sell in your area. All members are listed by geographic location, zip code and specialty designations and certification.

Your own profile page – Not only does every member get listed on the NRBA website, but each gets their own personalized page as well.  It is pre-populated with the basic info from your membership application and also has fields for you to personalize, including a link to your own website and contact information.

RIO - REAL ESTATE INFORMATION ORGANIZER – A customized software database for handling your real estate listings - finally something that does what we need it to do.

Members Forum – A private password-protected internal forum. Talk to other members all over the country. Get leads, advice, referrals & more (strictly NRBA Members only).

Legal Updates – We’ll keep you informed so you stay out of trouble.

NRBA Newsletter – Filled with the information to help you grow your business, get the business you want and make the profits you need.

CREO Designation - Certified REO Specialist® - The ONLY designation created specifically for REO Brokers-and you have to earn it!

DMS Designation -Default Management Specialist

Training - Learn from the best! This information comes from top default industry leaders, all of whom do over 100 listings per year. You will be provided with everything you need to know to become a lucrative default specialist. We have quarterly business seminars
Exclusivity – Yes we are exclusive! New members must be approved by current members in their area (NRBA Guidelines and Bylaws apply).

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